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Audience Reviews

“The skits had the…crowd laughing out loud and wondering what was next. The audience chuckled through the likes of a 50′s sitcom family, sparring gay soldiers, various manipulations of religious themes, and my personal favorite – the Angel of Death portrayed as an elderly Jewish New Yorker (think Miracle Max from The Princess Bride)…My girlfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves…We have told all our friends! I highly recommend anyone to stop in…for Death, The Musical!”

—Justin Baker (9 Oct. 2011), posted on Houston Stage reviews

“DEATH, THE MUSICAL was a hilarious, clever, and thought-provoking commentary on Death in a distinctly irreverent tone…”

—Alex W., posted on facebook (22 Oct. 2011)

“We absolutely loved it! The talent was amazing. I wish we could see it again…”

Patti L., posted on facebook (16 Oct. 2011)

“Fun show! Like Charles Addams & Edward Gorey wrote it!”

A Fan (Oct. 2011)

Glorious, simply glorious.

Skye (Oct. 2011)

“Don’t stick a knife in me!  I’m ready for more!

Matt Banks (Oct. 2011)

“Morbidly amusing. Breathlessly entertaining.

Anonymous (Oct. 2011)

“Clever – inventive – entertaining.”

Anonymous (Oct. 2011)

“Wonderful show – Witty & Fun”

Anonymous (Oct. 2011)

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